Comment on designs with PSDETCH

PSDETCH allows commenting on all support design files and it is fully integrated with Cloud Providers that support commenting.

Discussion and Collaboration

PSDETCH helps people working better together by focusing on same design file. Collaborators can commenting and replying. For local files, commenting data can be exported and imported by others.

How to comment on design files with PSDETCH

  1. Choose comment tool from tools menu.
  2. Draw a rectangle convering the area where the comment should be attached.

Create new comment

The comment will be stored:

  • Local browser if design file is loaded locally for full offline support.
  • Cloud if design file is loaded from any cloud provider. Comment function may not work on some cloud providers which do not have API for commenting.


Collaborators with commenting permission can reply to comments. Click on the rectangle created previously and it is able to enter reply text.