PSDETCH provides tools to retrieve information from a design file. This document tells the basic usage of all the tools.

This document keeps on updating.

Hand Tool

Hand tool can move canvas around. Shorcut is H

Color Picker Tool

Color picker tool extracts color information. Shorcut is C.
Once tool is selected, mouse cursor is attached with a picker preview.

The picked colors will be copied to clipboard and temporarily stored in color box on the right.

Measure & Extract Tool

Measure & Extract tool (Shortcut - V) has 2 functionalities:

  1. Measure size and distance between elements.
  2. Extract layer / assets

Follow the link to see details.

Crop Tool

Crop tool (Shortcut - S) can crop and export part of current canvas.

Comment Tool

Comment tool (Shortcut - M) allows user adding comments and annotations on design files. If the design file is from a cloud storage, comment tools allows discussion and collaboration.

See Comment for more details.