A design tool for developers.
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layers Export Assets
PSDETCH export image layers to PNG, JPEG, or SVG files.
straighten Measurements
Measure tool helps find out the distance between UI elements.
group Collaboration
Integrating with cloud storage allow people working on same file seamlessly.
money_off Free
No subscription, no purchase. PSDETCH is completely free.
File Formats Support

PSDETCH supports different type of design files:

  • Adobe Photoshop (PSD, PSB file)
  • Plain Image (png, jpg files)
  • PDF Files (pdf files)
  • Sketch App (sketch file) – Coming soon

More file formats are on the roadmap.

Extract Layer

Export layers as PNG , JPG, or SVG format in different scales for different screen size. Simple adjustment on the assets is also provided.

Export Text & CSS

For text layers, addtion to Image, it is able to copy its text value as well as its css styles.

Accurate Measurement

Get layer size / distance / position by simply hovering mouse. Smart pixel trim technology gives you accurate measurement to exact visiual designs.

Color Picker

Move mouse to pick color and click to copy it to clipboard. Color picker grabs original pixels from design files giving you true color values.

Layer Information

Need more information from design files? No problem. PSDETCH extracts raw layer information like layer effects / metadata / location. Use them as a base to build the app styles.

Google Drive Integration

Seamlessly integrate with Google Drive. Just connect PSDETCH with google drive and start commenting / sharing and revision.

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